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This tutorial provides step-by-step procedures for setting up several types of shipping charge methods. If you follow along with one or two of the methods outlined, you will quickly get the hang of how the system works, and soon be setting up your shipping exactly as you would like it to be. 

Pre-Configured for Hands-Off Setup
Your shipping system is already setup and ready for you to accept orders online! You don't have to touch a thing until you are ready! If you are not yet sure what type of shipping charges you want to use, or if you just want to be able to accept orders as soon as possible, you can leave the default settings as they are and come back another time to customize your settings. The default settings will charge a flat 10% of order total to each order placed online with your cart. You can make a quick adjustment to the default rate settings by following these simple steps.

Main Configuration Screen
Intro 1 - Fig. 1

Go to the Main Shipping Configuration screen. Check to be sure that Per Order By Price is selected, and click the Edit Method button below the table.

Note: The active method row will always be blue. Non-active method rows will be gray.

Main Configuration Screen
Intro 1 - Fig. 2

You may raise or lower the default selected percentage, or, you may select one of the other two methods of calculating charges. Remember to save your changes.


Getting Started
Before you begin to customize your shipping settings we suggest that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the various shipping screens and options. You will find text hyperlinks and help icons that, when clicked on, will display specific information on the item they apply to.  Remember that you cannot "break" anything. The system will disallow any settings or combinations of settings that are invalid or will not work, and will display a pop-up message letting you know what is being refused or changed. You can make any changes you like as often as you like, at any time that you like. Any changes you make will go into effect immediately.

Customize Your Settings
To begin, determine what shipper service(s) you wish to offer, and what method(s) of calculating shipping charges you wish to use. There are three main shipping setups for you to select from.

Main Configuration Screen
Intro 1 - Fig. 3

Main Configuration Screen

UPS, USPS, Fedex (Per Order by Weight)
For your convenience we offer the real time shipping cost calculators for three major shippers. Go to Per Order By Weight to begin setting up one or more of these shippers.

Per Order by Price
You may calculate shipping charges by order total price ranges, a percentage of the order total, or set a base charge. You may also create multiple shippers for your customers to select from (e.g. Standard, Priority, Overnight), each with their own cost formulas. If you plan to base your shipping charges on the order total, go to Per Order by Price to begin.

Per Product by Price (Advanced setting only)
You must go to General Configuration and set the Advanced setting to ON if you wish to setup and use this method. You may create multiple shippers for your customers to select from (e.g. Standard, Priority, Overnight), each with their own cost formulas. You may also create multiple charge formulas and assign them to specific products in your product database. If you wish to use per product shipping charges be sure that you have set the Advanced setting to ON, then go to Per Product by Price  to begin.